#250 Would you be more embarrassed or delighted to give a coworker a lift home in your car?

#250 Would you be more embarrassed or delighted to give a coworker a lift home in your car?

According to Department of Transportation and U.S. Census Bureau figures, more than 250 million passenger vehicles are registered in the U.S., and nearly 90 percent of American workers drive to work, the vast majority riding alone in their cars.

Nevertheless, accidents happen, cars break down, and money is occasionally too tight to fill the gas tank – meaning that we sometimes find ourselves needing to bum a ride from a friend or coworker.

Believe it or not, eHow even has an article titled, “How to Get a Car Ride to Work.”

This first one is too obvious. I almost didn’t include it, but thought what the heck… See if there is a coworker in your area that will give you a lift. Be sure though this is someone that you like being around. You may get stuck returning the favor more often that you think 😉

Good advice, I suppose! If you want to know MY answer to this question, you’ll have to visit the 1001RLQFW membership site and click on the Forum. There, you can add your responses and compare notes with others!

In the meantime, please mark your calendar for next Tuesday, November 16, when Therese Skelly and I will be hosting In All Honesty – a teleconference with two experts speaking on the topics of question-asking and journaling as powerful tools for self-development. Don’t worry if you can’t make the scheduled call time – we will make a recording available to all who register.

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