#142 How organized/disorganized is your underwear drawer?

#142 How organized/disorganized is your underwear drawer?

A quick Google search with the term “organized underwear drawer” revealed more

Notice the holly and the hearts?

relevant responses than I would have imagined. My favorite was the third, a post from the 1-2-3…Get Organized blog:

Time to tackle the old underwear drawer! Start by tossing anything you don’t like, that is holey, doesn’t fit, or excessive. What’s left? Do you have enough underwear to make it through a week’s laundry? As you are taking stock, are there items you need?” Apparently January is “Get Organized” month. So now you know – and you can put it on your 2011 calendars today!

Another comment came from PainterMommy.com:

I have always had major trouble keeping my underwear drawer organized.  I have an old dresser with large drawers, so everything always wound up in a big pile that I would have to pick through to find anything.  Socks, bras, underwear, pantyhose…  it was all together in one drawer.  I was CONSTANTLY losing the ‘other sock’ in a pair.  My bras were getting tangled together and stretched out from trying to pull them apart.  And I wound up wearing the same pair of underwear over and over again, because I just picked what was on top. So I finally came up with a plan that works really great for me.  Watch this video and find out how I keep my underwear drawer organized.

Guess you’ll have to visit the site to watch the video if you want to know Dawn’s secret…

If you want more input and advice, you can do your own Google search! If you want to know MY answer to this question, you’ll have to visit the 1001RLQFW membership site and click on the Forum. There, you can add your responses and compare notes with others!

In the meantime, please mark your calendar for next Tuesday, November 16, when Therese Skelly and I will be hosting In All Honesty – a teleconference with two experts speaking on the topics of question-asking and journaling as powerful tools for self-development. Don’t worry if you can’t make the scheduled call time – we will make a recording available to all who register.

Note: This is a question from my book, 1,001 Real-Life Questions for Women: A Self-Exploration Workbook to Make You Laugh, Cry, Ponder, Ruminate, & Consider.


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