A Different Kind of Question Book

A Different Kind of Question Book
Question books have been popular for decades, because human nature is innately inquisitive. A recent search of Amazon using the term “questions” reveals more than 100,000 titles. My new book, 1,001 Real-Life Questions for Women, contains questions about ever facet of the lives of 21st century American women. I believe this book truly has the power to make a difference in many women’s lives, primarily because it’s self-work in the purest sense of the word – but that’s not the thing that makes it unique.
Perhaps the major ways the book is different from ALL the other question books is that it includes a thorough resource section with Web sites and toll-free numbers people can use if they need help in many of the areas the book touches on.
The questions range from the innocuous (What’s your favorite color?) to the probing (What would you do if you found drugs in your child’s room?) and everything in between. But let’s say you’re working through the book and a topic arises that you’ve been burying or avoiding – but you now think you may be ready to deal with it. The resource section is there for that reason – so that people aren’t left hanging with nowhere to go once they’re ready to do further work.
Of course, I’m not a therapist, doctor, social worker, or any other form of certified healer – so I am obliged to add the usual caveat about not intending this as any sort of medical advice, and that the reader should seek professional help if they need it.
Please visit the Web site to download a sampler with 40 random questions from the book. And mark your calendar for next Tuesday, November 16, when Therese Skelly and I will be hosting In All Honesty – a teleconference with two experts speaking on the topics of question-asking and journaling as powerful tools for self-development. Don’t worry if you can’t make the scheduled call time – we will make a recording available to all who register.

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