2 Experts to Speak About the Power of Question-Asking and Journaling

2 Experts to Speak About the Power of Question-Asking and Journaling

ASKING QUESTIONS is a fantastic growth tool, for many reasons. The mere phrasing of a thought in the form of a question causes our brain instantly to begin to solve the problem as it works on answering the question. Simple things – like changing the phrase, “I can’t find my keys” to “Where are my keys?” can make a huge difference. Bigger things, too. Imagine how our lives would change if, instead of saying something like, “I don’t know how to  . . .” we were to say, “I wonder how to . . .?” 

Asking questions is essential if we are to continue growing. Because our knowledge becomes obsolete at various times throughout our lives, it becomes crucial to question our assumptions. Sometimes, when we’ve seemingly forgotten how to ask questions because the curiosity has been stomped out of us in our efforts to conform to society and fit in, we must relearn how to learn.

Searching questions can help us discover new opportunities, uncover the roots of a problem and find creative solutions. Asking searching questions begins with challenging assumptions. It’s been said that the three most dangerous words in the English language are, “I know that.” If we do not check our assumptions, we cannot ask good searching questions.

EQUALLY IMPORTANT to our personal development is journaling. Through journaling, we discover our hearts’ desires, solutions to problems, and inner resources we may not have known we had. Journaling also serves as an excellent way to chronicle the journeys of our lives, from the day-to-day interludes to the fantastic physical trips we take and everything in between.

Some people hesitate to journal because they don’t know what to write or where to begin. Sometimes, journal prompts – predesignated topics – are the perfect starting point to begin a journal entry.

JOIN US FOR A CONVERSATION about questions and journaling during a complimentary teleconference on Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 11 a.m. EST. The call will be hosted by Therese Skelly and will feature input from Laura Orsini, author of 1,001 Real-Life Questions for Women, as well as two other experts on journaling and question-asking.


AMY KESSEL is a certified professional life coach for women with a BA from Dartmouth and her MA from Johns Hopkins University. She works with women who are eager to step more fully into their power by embracing their authentic selves and inviting positive change into their personal and professional lives. 

Amy offers one-on-one coaching via telephone, as well as retreats and workshops in the Seattle area. Additionally, she helps MOMs reclaim themselves as WOMEN through Mamamorphosis, her website and online community of moms who think outside the lunchbox.

Amy will speak on the value of question-asking and answering as a transformative tool in the personal development process.

Amy’s website:  http://www.amykessel.com
Mamamorphosis website:  http://amykessel.wordpress.com
Twitter: @islandcoach
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Mamamorphosis

DR. RAMANI DURVASULA is a psychologist, professor, clinician, researcher, teacher, and commentator. Her varied experiences make her an expert voice advocating for making mental health for a wide variety of audiences. Dr. Ramani is a professor of psychology at California State University Los Angeles, where she is also the Principal Investigator of a large federally funded grant on health behaviors, clinical director of a program working with Latinas who have eating disorders, director of the psychology clinic and director of clinical training. She also maintains a private practice in Los Angeles. 

Author of more than 40 published articles, Dr. Ramani has lectured around the world on a variety of topics related to psychology, health and wellness. She was named one of the most promising young scholars in the country in 2003 by the American Association of University Women and received her doctorate in clinical psychology from UCLA. She has been featured on Bravo’s THINtervention as the on-air psychologist, as well as programming on History Channel, CNN, E! Network, and FitTV, and she has been appeared in a wide variety of print media. 

In her clinical practice and work with HIV-positive clients, young women with eating disorders, and the students she mentors, Dr. Ramani often STRONGLY encourages journaling as an incredible way to generate a map of a person’s changing inner landscape. She will speak on this topic for our teleconference.

Dr. Ramani’s website: http://www.doctor-ramani.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/doctorramani
Twitter: @DoctorRamani

Reserve YOUR spot today for this thought-provoking teleconference! Don’t worry if your schedule does not permit you to participate on the call – we will make the recording available to all who register.


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